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International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics – IPC2016

21. – 23. 6. 2016
Budapest, Hungary

You can register via our on-line registration portal at

The abstract submission will be open on 2nd January 2016. You can find further details on abstract requirements and deadlines on the conference homepage:

The main topics of IPC2016:

  1. Prebiotics – How does it work and how to develop a novel prebiotics.
  2. Human milk oligosaccharides as a prebiotics and immune modulator.
  3. How to get an approval for probiotics with health claims. Approaches to get approval from EFSA and other countries.
  4. How to identify functional probiotics. Development of novel screening system and evaluation procedure to identify functional probiotics.
  5. How probiotics work? Elucidation of underlying mechanism of actions.
  6. What are the effector molecules mediate health benefits of probiotics. How to identify and how to evaluate the functionality.
  7. How to characterize probiotic strains. Genetics, functional genomics of probiotic strains.
  8. How to formulate the probiotics to keep maximum effectiveness.
  9. Clinical trial of probiotics. What are the current statues of health benefit of probiotics in diverse disorders.
  10. Future probiotics. Novel function of probiotics.