The Czech Society for Nutrition

The Czech Society for Nutrition (CSN) was established in 1945 as an association of professionals and workers in the field of human nutrition.

The society brings together and cooperates with experts and professionals from all fields of human nutrition. This includes medical doctors, public health workers, veterinaries, nutritionists, chemists, specialists in food technologies, pedagogical workers, state and public administration workers and economists, but also businessmen and workers from all kinds of catering and food processing businesses and other various institutions, whose activities are related to nutrition.

CSN co-operates constantly with professional medical associations, research institutions and universities, health insurance companies, the Food Chamber, food producers, as well as with key organs of the state administration (the ministries of education, health and agriculture).

CSN organises on a regular basis a series of educational seminars and conferences aimed at both the wide professional and non-professional public. Since it was founded CSN is publishing the journal “Nutrition and Food”, which is currently the only professional-popular magazine focusing on all aspects related to the nutrition of the population. The main topics are hygienic and veterinary issues, physiology of nutrition, chemistry and food technology, provision of catering services and food preparation and nutrition economics.

It also includes a regular supplement, a school catering bulletin for workers in school cafeterias with specialised information, which ranges from management and administrative recommendations, through to technical and technological innovations, and chapters on human nutrition. CSN also publishes non-periodical publications on nutrition and food topics, e.g. nutritional recommended intake, meal formulas for school catering, tables of food composition.

CSN is a member of the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) and the International Union of Nutrition Societies (IUNS) and its members take part in professional events organised by these societies.

The society co-operated on the EU project Public Health Programme 2006 (Agreement Number 2006128), in the framework of which the European Nutrition and Health Report 2009 was created.

CSN has always placed emphasis on the fact that professional evaluation and spreading of findings on correct human nutrition should not just be done for its own sake, but should have a practical impact on society as well as individuals.